Frequently Asked Questions

DPCL was developed as IBM product on AIX 4.3.3. The open source version is based on the product version and currently runs on AIX 4.3.3, AIX 5.1, and Linux. Ports to other platforms are being considered and some are currently underway. See the DPCL Projects page for more information.
If you are using DPCL for production work, where DPCL is used by a program analysis tool that you are running, then you should dowdload the latest level from the release 3.2.* set of available downloads.
If you are developing enhancements to DPCL, then you can download a pre-built version of DPCL from the set of release 3.3.* downloads.
Note that the Linux implementation has only a 3.3.* release, and is considered to be for development purposes only at this time.
If you only want to use DPCL for production or evaluation purposes, you should download the install images applicable to your operating system.
If you are planning to participate in DPCL development, you can either download a tar file of source code corresponding to an install image or you can download source at the latest level directly from CVS.
If you download source from CVS, you may download code which is in an interim stage of development. In most bcases, the code should be functional, but since code is not fully regression tested before being checked into CVS, you may encounter problems with the code.
Yes. Since DPCL was originally developed as a product it has been used to develop tools. As each of the owners of these tools make their work public we plan to reference their work on our Related Links page.
Yes. We are always looking for more people to get involved. Please forward any contributions you may have to the core team or help by becoming a core team member. The DPCL Projects page list some of the active enhancements being worked on. Email any inquiries to the
Prior to being availabe as open source DPCL was released as a product with IBM's Parallel Environment Version 3.1. The 3.1 version of DPCL requires users to prelink target applications with the DPCL runtime library before they could be instrumented by DPCL. The 3.1 version of poe was prelinked with the DPCL runtime library to allow DPCL to aquire process information from poe. The current AIX version of DPCL ( 3.2 or later) does not have the prelink requirement and is incompatible with applications that continue link to the 3.1 version of the DPCL runtime library. A poe PTF is being built to fix this problem. Details will be posted here when available.

If you encounter this problem prior to the availability of this PTF please contact for additional information.
Fixes for other IBM software can be downloaded by clicking this link.
Check the debugging tips page for commonly encountered problems. If this does not help solve your problem, then contact the DPCL team using the dpcl-user mailing list.
Click this link to read a procedure for building and using a private copy of DPCL.