Open Source Test Bucket:

Project Lead: Dave Wootton


This project was started by Stephen Trofinoff. Special thanks to Steve for all the work he contributed to the DPCL project.

Project Goals:

To create a set of tests that can thoroughly prove the functionality of
DPCL to be working as DPCL is continually modified or ported. The test
bucket should be as thorough, generic, portable, scalable and as easy to use as possible.

Contact Information:

For questions and comments:

Design Information:

Currently, to acheive the aforementioned goals I'm creating a directory
hiearchy of tests (and web pages to provide an interface). This will be
presented to the user as a tar file for easy downloading. For more details
on what the directory structure will look like and other Test Bucket Project
information, please click: Working Proposal


Test Bucket: